Grab Release

Mark and Mr. Mohamad

Counter Grabs and Releases

These teach us how to use our hands and body movements together. By twisting and dropping our weight we can increase the power and speed of our counters and improve our position. We also learn about rhythm, flow and undulating movement. Hands and arms become supple, like a snake climbing a tree. Dealing with grabs and escapes teach us about control. Being in control of yourself, while maintaining your center of balance and also in keeping a clear mind. Counter grabs train the Student to control the moment. Learning these movements introduces us to take downs and throws. This is the 1st step in using Chin Na and Koppo Jujitsu as self-defense tools. Controlling the opponent verse’s destroying them. Control allows compassion.

We start with the Body, we work to improve our movements, our reflexes and health. When we are young, we strive to control or bodies by crawling, grasping and climbing. Balance is learned from the inside out. When we learn balance, we start to walk by “falling” forward and we “catch” ourselves. Soon we learn to jump, run, spin and dance. And all the while we never think “I can’t” but “how can I?” How can I learn to dance, run and jump? As a child, we just do it. As long as we stay out of a child’s way, they learn to walk, run and play.