Roll Outs

Mark and Mr. Mohamad

What do Rollouts teach us?

Rollouts teach us to continue our movement, our fall. We learn to roll over the Earth, not crash into it. Rollouts teach us that we can continue on our journey without stopping. Like Water moving to the Ocean. Water moves over, around and under the obstacle until it reaches its goal. Water is not distracted from its stillness or its movement. 

Proper arm placement for rollouts matches High block arm placement. I have noticed that when you do a rollout you don’t block the earth, you “deflect” your body over the earth. Same with dealing with upper gate attack. High Blocks and rollouts share the same angle and arm placement. Rollouts teach your hands and arms to be frim, like springs. The angle of your arms let you roll, the Firmness of your arms allow you to maintain the shape of a ball. Rollouts also teach us to use angles when we contact the ground. High Blocks that are done “square” on you are matching force to force. Same as an axe chopping wood, wood splits. Metal destroys Wood.

High blocks that use angles to deflect, allow more options. Timing, angles of arm and body movement allow this block to work. Same as rollouts. Your arms, hands and body are doing the same thing. Falling or dealing with an attack. Throwing your hands up and stepping forward and to the side lets the attack “roll off” your arm.