Napping Cat School of Strategy

The goal of the Napping Cat School of Strategy is the study of strategy as it pertains to Self-defense on 3 levels: Mind, Body and Spirit.

The Way of Strategy goes to the root of the way we look at ourselves and the World. The Way of Strategy teaches that we need to “See, not just look”, to “Listen”, not just hearing the sounds, but Taking information and turning it into “Knowledge “.

Napping Cat School of Strategy Logo

This takes time and effort. Effort leads to control. Control of our body. Then comes control of our Minds. And now we have the tools to work towards Control of our Environment. We may not have control of over our daily lives, but at least we can control how we deal with Life . We train the Body to be strong and flexible. Repetition of Movement will develop Muscle Memory, Muscle Memory allows faster reaction time.

We train to understand our own Nature. When we learn how we think, then we can ask the right question. The “Right Question“ will lead us to a level of understanding that is missing when we only use other folks answers. Questions force one to think, think big, think small. When your Mind is engaged, it’s harder to fool, trick or con.

The Napping Cat School is based on natural movement. Walking, running, falling, these are all things we learn when we are young and we still do into old age. Balance is what we use to control our body. Walking is just short falls, we regain our balance in between each step. Do this often enough, fast enough and we begin to run!